Sunday, August 17, 2014

Sunday Thoughts about Pretty Muddy Chicago

I just wanted to share pics from Pretty Muddy Chicago Weekend! I will write up a post in a few days but I have so many words in my head, I don't know where to start right now!
Before the race with Shannon, Gigi, and Christine

Muddy after the race and so happy because Bryce came and surprised me! Holy heck!

We all went to the sky deck together! 

He helped me take some pics from 103 floors up!

He is so freakin cute! 

Gift for the hubs

More to come, I promise!


Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Wordless Wednesday

Tuesday's Workout!

Today's workout! 90 minutes of yoga and a 5 mile bike ride

Saturday's race, cross your fingers that I finish with no pain so that I can do the du on Sunday!

Who's going to Wine n Dine? Turns out I will be in Disney that weekend to watch my daughter perform in Downtown Disney so if I can't get a bib I will be there cheering for the runners! 

Saturday, August 2, 2014

Half Marathon Training.....without running

It's no secret that I can't run right now but I do have plans to run my fall half marathons, or walk them if it comes to it!
In place of my training runs I am riding my bike, and I have been doing PiYo. The hubs commented last night that he sees a difference in my legs, which makes me so happy!
This week's workouts included...

A trail hike, plus some bike rides! I make sure to get some form of movement every day, and try to break 10,000 steps every day as well!
This week I begin my August challenges:

Are you doing any monthly challenges?

Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Wordless Wednesday, Bike Ride Edition

Because of my foot injury, I rode my bike for eleven miles today. I cancelled my fall marathons but I do still hope to complete all of my half marathons.

Have you ever had to cancel a race due to injury?

Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Marathon Training with Pro Compression Socks #KeepItTight

**** I was provided with a pair of black marathon socks from Pro Compression, as a Sweat Pink Ambassador,  in exchange for this review. As always, all opinions are my own!

Training for the Wineglass Marathon has been fraught with disaster from the start! I have injured my toe in a half marathon and tweaked my calf this weekend at a mud run! Yikes!
Pro Compression to the rescue! My calf had actually being bothering me all week, so when I did the Westfield 5K on Wednesday night, I planned ahead and wore my shiny new black socks to make sure that I didn't make matters worse! That race was my 5K test run for my injured toe, and I really didn't want to trade one injury for another!

Normally I wear my compression socks or sleeves for recovery, but I made the exception that night! I wore the outfit below for the Old Port Half Marathon, and the cute Shamrock Socks afterwards, on the drive home. They are such a soothing relief after a hilly race!

From their website:
From the moment you slip on a pair of PRO Compression socks you will benefit from the science and comfort behind the ‘graduated compression’ technology that is felt mainly around the ankle.
Whether at rest, playing a round of golf or running a marathon, your PRO Compression socks are working to circulate blood back to your heart and lungs. With more efficient circulation comes less fatigue and your tired muscles are replenished with fresh oxygen and nutrients to reduce soreness and give you the extra stamina needed to exert yourself at the fullest.

PRO Compression socks are super comfortable and padded in all the right places, reducing every-day stress your feet and legs go through during normal activity.

Some say our socks feel like a second skin offering the optimal amount of compression to keep muscles toned and supported. We’ve also heard from customers in colder climates that who say they wear our socks exclusively because they are the only sock that keeps their toes toasty and warm as a result of the circulation-inducing properties of the material.

After Saturday's mud run, I put on my Christmas Striped socks to help my sore calf, and they are so pretty! Double the help for my sore calf! Having that compression on my calf made walking around that night so much easier!

I also have several pairs of sleeves, and I wore one of them on Sunday morning while I did PiYo, since my calf was still achey. It's a good look, right? It definitely gave my calf the extra support it needed during the intense workout!

Can you tell that I love their product? I already have several pairs of socks as well as sleeves, in a wide variety of colors!
Are you in love yet? I knew you would be! What could possibly be better than these awesome socks? A coupon code! Use the code PINK and receive 40% off of your next pair of socks! Now, the only problem you have is which color to choose! There are so many wonderful colors and part terns, this will not be an easy choice!

Which color or pattern will you try? 

Monday, July 28, 2014

4H Mud Run and Obstacle Race Training, the book

Saturday I traveled south to Mullica Hills, NJ to run the 4h Mud Run for the second year. The boy was supposed to come with me, but he wasn't feeling up to it!

I wear this tank to most of my mud runs lately! It must be good luck!
The hubs came with me to take pictures, although he couldn't get on the course so there weren't many!
We got there with barely enough time to get my bib and pee. I hate starting that way, but it couldn't be helped!
I only had to wait about 5 minutes before we took our pledge (part if it was that we wouldn't cry!) and started out!
We started by walking across logs that spanned the final mud pit, and then we headed into the woods. Next was a military crawl through coffee grinds, and monkey bars over what looked like baba ganoush! No lie, it was squash, eggplant, and other veggies. It was gross. I know because I barely made it halfway across before I fell in.
Next was a short wall, and some pipes, some more running, a rope swing, and then this happened:

This pic came from the Facebook page! I made it halfway across before they made me jump off, I was taking too long. It was exhausting!
We ran though some lovely dyed water after that, crossed another log, and headed towards some more walls. It was tough! I made it through most if it, which made me so happy!
I met up with a group of guys that were helping me out a little over the next mile. There were some tubes filled with rotten veggies but the smell was horrible so I crossed on top of them instead. I scaled a log building and headed into the woods again. 
We came out of the woods, and I stepped down wrong and tweaked my calf. Ugh! In the clearing we found this:
Oh my heck! Climbing it was painful, and I had to stop three times to rest my calf. We had to go down the other side, and my new friends told me to slide down in my butt! They were so sweet, they waited for me to get down to the bottom before they moved on!
After some gravel hills, we went back into the woods. The boy at the opening told me to watch out, because it was rough in there. Uh oh, that's not good! There was a really long trail of mud to wade through and something akin to quicksand mud, and my new friends helped me one last time to get on the bank after my legs got stuck!
Yikes! Some more twisting trails and we came back out to that dirt mountain! We had to wade through a river to get there and luckily my calf was relaxing a bit and it was easier to go up and over. At this point, the boys had moved on, but I was with some girls and an older man, and we all commiserated together!
Back into the woods and out into the parking area for their version of the warped wall. I wasn't sure if I could handle it, with a sore calf, and was standing in the rain deciding, when a 71 year old woman got most of the way up! The men at the top pulled her the rest of the way.
Ok so now I have to go!
I waited my turn and ran up and grabbed the rope...

Can you see the rain in the pic? I got up to the first cheater bar with no problem, and managed to get to the second one with a little extra work before I let the volunteer help me over the top.

The rain made it just a little harder! 
We got to slide down into the final mud pit.

Race photo of the view down, it's sooo high! I love their shot of the obstacle being built! I tried to slow myself down but I hit the water pretty hard and had to climb out through the muck! Whew!
Overall it took about 90 minutes, but I had to wait at 2-3 obstacles so it was probably more like 75 minutes. Not super impressive, but there were worse times recorded at the site! I never turned in my time, so my name isn't on the list! The hubs told me what time I finished, though. 
If you have never done a mud run, this book that I got to read as a Fitfluential Ambassador is perfect for you!
*****I was provided this book in exchange for my review, and as always, all opinions are my own.*****

Written by Margaret Schlachter from Dirt in Your Skirt, it covers every facet of obstacle race training you could possibly imagine.
She starts with descriptions of all of the different races, provides plenty of training plans, and even includes the perfect diet to get you ready.
She moves on to cover mental preparation which is very important during an obstacle race because you don't want to be afraid going into the race!! You will definitely know exactly what to expect!
She then moves on to show you how to master the course, telling you how to handle every possible obstacle that will come your way and how to train for each one!
I will definitely be reading this book again in the next two weeks while I plan for Pretty Muddy in Chicago!
She even includes a list of what you should bring with you and what you should wear to maximize your experience.
If you're planning your first mud run, or even your second or third, this book is definitely for you.
I highly recommend you stalk Margaret on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook.
Margaret is so inspiring, and you definitely don't want to miss out on all of the information she provides!

Have you ever done a mud run? What is the hardest mud run you have ever done?

Sunday, July 27, 2014

Lord of the Bling Virtual Race

Yesterday, the teenie and I ran The Lord of the Bling virtual 5k with Nerd Herd Running. This is the second in me trilogy! Last run was Star Wars and next will be Hunger Games!
We put on our bibs and tried to be creative with our poses...

Not very ring like.....

One ring to rule them all!

And of course we needed one with out ears up!
Yeah, we are dorks!
The teenie hasn't run since last race, so we did a run/walk. She wore out fast, we gotta get this kid in shape! We stopped at the bay, which was the one mile mark, for a few more shots...

Time to finish the last two miles! The teenie did well, and we finished in just over 40 minutes!

We will have to plan ahead for Hunger Games, our photo ops needed work!
We opted to get all three medals at once, to save on shipping and donate more to Stupid Cancer,  but I will be sure to post pics once they arrive!